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Singapore's competitiveness among issues to be raised in Parliament

24 August 2007 (CNA)

SINGAPORE : Issues concerning Singapore's competitiveness in the light of rising prices and property rentals will kick off question time when Parliament sits on Monday.

Members of Parliament are also concerned about what is being done to reduce divorce rates and if the government will consider raising the S$150 child care subsidy, which was last revised in 1995.

Other issues include the state of the country's recycling efforts and updates on training front-line staff for medical emergencies.

Seven bills will be introduced.

One of them is the Land Titles (Strata) (Amendment) Bill, which will be closely watched in the light of the recent en-bloc sales fever.

Five bills have been tabled for Parliament approval, including the Accounting Standards Bill and the Central Provident Fund (Amendment) Bill. - CNA/ms

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