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Toa Payoh Town Park revamped with greener feel

By Dustin Chin, Channel NewsAsia
09 July 2007

SINGAPORE: An old park amidst a cluster of highrise developments in central Singapore has taken on an even greener feel.

Toa Payoh Town Park has been revamped into the ultimate attraction for park lovers and green enthusiasts alike, with new environmentally friendly features.

Many visitors, such as retiree Eileen Martinus, describe the new space as almost magical.

"Now I feel that it is a very good place, a very good idea actually because Toa Payoh is very busy, with a lot of traffic and a lot of people, and this is... sort of a haven," said Martinus.

Improvement works started about a year ago.

Now in its second phase of redevelopment, the park boasts some new features which make it stand out.

"There is a new walkway, about 30 to 40 metres long, which is made of recycled jarrah timber, and also we have added a variety of water plants along the edge of the pond," said Ang Chiean Hong, Section Head (Parks), National Parks Board (NParks).

"Visitors can look out for new trellises and new rest areas at the edge of the pond."

The materials used for the redevlopment of the park have been selected for ecological reasons.

"By using recycled jarrah timber, it is in line with NParks' policy of environmental sustainability. Recycled jarrah timber is an eco-friendly alternative to new timber," said Ang.

It is hoped the improvements will help draw more visitors to the area and promote environmental awareness.

Since it is just a stone's throw from the estate's transport hub, park planners know it won't be too long before this happens.

Said nurse and park visitor Ohnmar Aung, "It has to be environmentally friendly because Singapore is known for it. If we cut all the wood down there, then we are cutting down our natural resources every day. We won't live properly and we are killing our own world.

"We'd better use the recycled trees for our own future... so yes I think it's a very good choice." - CNA/yy

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