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MediaCorp aims to do its part to protect environment

By Wong Siew Ying, Channel NewsAsia
06 July 2007

SINGAPORE: MediaCorp is using its various media platforms to spread the message on the importance of protecting the environment, as the organisation feels climate change and its potential for disaster calls for a more concerted effort from the society.

This is the first time that the broadcaster is launching a month-long Green Campaign across its television, news, radio and print platforms.

From 23 July, Channel NewsAsia will screen a six-part documentary called "Saving Gaia" ('Gaia' in Greek means 'Earth'), which looks at how countries in Asia are addressing environmental issues.

Woon Tai Ho, Managing Director, MediaCorp News, said: "It is, if you like, our inconvenient truth – the earth is not in such a good shape. The topics discussed in the documentary range from what happens when rivers dry up to what happens when cities start to sink.

"The matter is actually more urgent than we give it credit for. In fact, the consequences of the climate change can actually happen within our life-time. When we asked movie star Joan Chen to narrate it, she said 'yes' because she knows it's for a good cause."

Members of the public can also chip in to help ease climate change.

MediaCorp will launch a "Saving Gaia begins with me" online campaign from 7 July where the public can pledge to protect the planet.

The first 5,000 to do so will receive a reusable shopping bag from sponsor Singapore Petroleum Company.

MediaCorp is also encouraging its staff to bring their mugs to the cafeteria so as to cut down on the usage of styrofoam cups, which are not biodegradable.

Channel NewsAsia plans to invite business partners to a "Saving Gaia Breakfast Forum", which will touch on the practice and value of going green.

MediaCorp Channel 5 will be screening the round-the-world Live Earth! concerts, which will last for 24 hours, from 7pm on Saturday, 7 July, to promote the fight against global warming.

MediaCorp Channel U will also be broadcasting the full version of the Live Earth! Shanghai concert from 9.30pm on Saturday.

- CNA/so

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