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Branson, Gore Team Up To Fight Global Warming

10 Feb 2007 (TODAY)

LONDON - British billionaire and entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson on
Friday launched what he called the world's biggest prize to inspire
innovators to develop ways to cut greenhouse gases.

Mr Branson announced the £10 million ($30 million) Earth Challenge prize
at a joint press conference with former United States Vice-President Al
Gore, who has turned into a global environment campaigner after losing
presidential elections in 2000.

"The Earth cannot wait 60 years," Mr Branson said. "I want a future for
my children and my children's children. The clock is ticking," he said.

According to The Independent, the prizewinner will have to come up with
the most convincing way for absorbing and storing greenhouse gases, which
are responsible for global warming.

This latest competition by Mr Branson is based on a similar one in 2004
where contestants had to conceptualise the first privately built, reusable

It is not the first time Mr Gore and Mr Branson have teamed up to promote
green issues: Last September, Mr Gore backed the Virgin boss' pledge to
spend US$3 billion ($4.5 billion) on reversing global warming. - AFP