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Food Labelling Infringements Up, Says Case

31 Jan 2007 (TODAY)

In Singapore News

- Channel NewsAsia

THE Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) is advising consumers to
watch what they eat.

Last year, there were 288 cases of food labelling infringements, according
to figures from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority (AVA). This is an
increase of 33 per cent from the previous year.

Case says it receives three to five complaints every year from consumers
who believed they did not get what they paid for. Most of the complaints
were about hawkers who sold thawed frozen pork as fresh meat.

The AVA, which conducts regular surveillance at retail outlets, said label
infringements are mostly found on pre-packed processed food sold in retail

The offenders are mostly importers and retailers. They were each fined
between $300 and $1,000.

"Usually the labelling infringement involves the country of origin not
being mentioned in the label, or it has misleading information or health
claims ... The label (may claim the product) reduces cholesterol levels,
or that doctors strongly recommend the product," said AVA's head of
pre-marketing surveillance Ong Swee Seng.