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Anti-littering appeal by NEA during Thaipusam festivities

By Asha Popatlal, Channel NewsAsia
30 January 2007

SINGAPORE: Hindu devotees will be carrying kavadis as a part of the Thaipusam celebrations over the next two days, and in order to keep the route and immediate vicinity of the temples clean, workers will be deployed and bins emptied hourly.

The area will also be spruced up.

However, officials are also appealing for members of the public to play their part and not litter - 40 additional refuse bins will be provided along the route devotees will take.

Amidst the celebrations has also come a warning by the National Environment Agency not to support illegal hawkers, selling anything from drinks to peacock feathers, along the way.

NEA says their officials and police will be on the look out for such vendors, who may face fines and jail terms, if caught. - CNA /dt