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Who Wants To Be Nmp? 48 People

Dec 28 2006

A TOTAL of 48 applications have been submitted for the post of Nominated
Member of Parliament (NMP) this year - a record high since the NMP scheme
began in 1990.

There are 36 submissions from the general public, with 12 nominations from
the six functional groups that represent the various business, social,
media and labour organisations in Singapore. This is a jump from the 37
and 21 applicants in 2004 and 2001 respectively.

Not surprised by the interest in the NMP position, political analysts
attributed it to increased political awareness, coupled with the
Government's call for more engagement.

Calling it a "coming of age" for the post-65 generation, Professor Alan
Chong, Assistant Professor at the National University of Singapore's (NUS)
Department of Political Science, said: "This is the generation that has
not experienced keenly the hardships of the past when a more authoritarian
style was accepted as the price of economic success.

"This group would be more vocal, having grown up in the successive phrases
of Singapore's economic prosperity and all the influences of
globalisation. They would have also imbibed democratic ideas of one form
or another."

Up for the post include businessman Dr Ameen Talib; the Crime Library's
Ms Jolyn Chua; lawyer and Today columnist Siew Kum Hong; Environmental
Challenge Organisation's Mr Wilson Ang; and the Animal Concerns Research
and Education Society's Mr Louis Ng.

Seeking a second term are Nature Society Singapore president Dr Geh Min;
biotechnology businessman Dr Tan Sze Wee; NUS engineering lecturer Dr Ong
Soh Khim; and social work volunteer Eunice Olsen.

Former NMP and lawyer Mr Chandra Mohan said it is a positive sign that
more candidates are trying. "It is a sign of the times and it is also the
call from various quarters, including the Government," said the lawyer.

A Special Select Committee, chaired by Speaker of Parliament Abdullah
Tarmugi, will consider and interview the nominees in January before
passing on their recommendations to President S R Nathan for approval.
Parliament can have up to nine NMPs, and each term lasts two-and-a-half
years. - Sheralyn Tay