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REACH website hit 1.5 million page views in 2008

07 January 2009 (CNA)

SINGAPORE: Singapore government's feedback-gathering website hit 1.5 million page views in 2008. There was also a 30 per cent increase in number of postings to 12,000 on the REACH discussion forum in 2008.

Speaking at an appreciation lunch for REACH contributors on Wednesday, REACH chairman Amy Khor, who is also Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Environment and Water Resources, named and thanked a few active participants who sent in feedback, even from overseas.

She said that all the views sent in have been channelled to relevant agencies and the process has led to several policy changes.

Some of the hot-button topics were the Marriage and Parenthood Package, and means testing in public hospitals. Government policies on these issues have been reshaped by feedback sent to REACH.

Five new feedback facilitators have also been appointed at the appreciation lunch. They will work towards engaging heartlanders, not just through online and digital means, but also with face-to-face dialogues.

A new website that is aptly dubbed "Youth Vibes" was also launched to encourage greater youth participation in shaping policies.

Soh Yi Da, a REACH contributor, said: "I think the cost of transport takes up a significant portion of my monthly allowance and I believe it's the same for many other Singaporeans.

"If the government can do something about it – come up with some subsidies and stop increasing fares, it could help many Singaporeans tide over this recent economic downturn."

Dr Khor said: "Even if you come with feedback that may not be what the government might want to hear, we still want to hear them because this valuable feedback will help us refine policies."

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