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S'pore ranks 7th in the world

Republic scores well in business and education, but fares poorly as cultural capital
By K.C. Vijayan
29 Oct 2008
The Straits Times

SINGAPORE has been ranked as one of the best global cities in the world in a study by the influential Washington-based magazine, Foreign Policy.

The country was ranked seventh in an index of the top 60 global cities, defined as cities that radiate influence, wealth and sophistication.

It was hailed as a place to get a degree and do business, but fared poorly as a cultural capital.

The cities that finished ahead of Singapore were New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Los Angeles - in that order. But the Republic placed higher than other powerhouses such as Chicago (No. 8), Beijing (No. 12) and Frankfurt (No. 21).

The cities were ranked based on five factors: business activity levels; human capital - the ability to draw diverse groups of people and talent as well as the number of international schools and degree holders it has; cultural experience; information exchange; and political engagement.

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