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First eco-friendly precinct at Punggol may be built by 2011

28 March 2007 (CNA)

SINGAPORE: Everything about Treetops@Punggol, which is under Housing and Development Board's Build-to-Order system, spells eco-friendly.

The new eco-precinct has been designed to harness the elements of nature such as light, rainfall and wind to promote sustainable green living.

There will be more greenery with an eco-deck above the car park, skyrise greening on its roofs and a community garden.

These features are expected to lower the surrounding temperature by as much as 4 degrees Celsius.

For energy efficiency, solar panels will be installed on the roof to power the common corridors of the estates as well as the eco-deck.

This will save 80 percent of energy used.

Motion sensors will also be introduced at the podium car park to provide on-demand lighting.

For these extra features, the flats will cost slightly more than other apartments in the same area.

The prices range from S$139,000 to S$254,000 for 3- and 4-room units, and S$370,000 to S$383,000 for five-roomers.

There will be a total of 700 units offered.

Attention is also paid to water and waste management.

A rainwater collection system will be implemented where the water collected will be used to wash the common corridors.

There will be an integrated wash basin and toilet pedestal system in the flats to promote water conservation as well as a dedicated refuse chute for recycling.

Whether these features will be incorporated into future public housing projects will depend on public feedback.

National Development Minister Mah Bow Tan said: "If there is good response, then yes, we will do more of this. But this is the culmination of the many things that HDB has been doing in the last few years. It's very timely, considering that first of all, the technology is becoming more cost-efficient."

However, the HDB said that it would proceed with the project only if there is a demand for it. There will be a selection process and the results will be known later this year.

If all goes well, the precinct will be ready by 2011.

Treetops@Punggol will be located at the junction of Punggol Road, Punggol Drive and Punggol Place – a few minutes' walk from the Punggol MRT station and the Damai LRT station.

Interested flat buyers can view models of the precinct at an exhibition at the HDB Hub and they can make applications via the HDB website by 17 April.

Treetops@Punggol has been awarded the Green Mark under a scheme to promote eco-friendly building technologies and designs.

The government has announced that it will adopt the Green Mark scheme for all new public housing projects from January.

All developments at the Marina Bay will also be Green Building certified.