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Another 'green' Facility In The Works

1 March 2007 (TODAY)
By Sheralyn Tay

IN a move to demonstrate the economic benefits of going green,
pharmaceutical company Schering-Plough yesterday inked an agreement with
TPGS Green Energy to build Singapore's largest tri-generation facility.

Their tri-generation plant - which produces electricity, and in the
process converts waste heat to produce steam and chilled water - will not
only be 26 per cent more energy efficient than the existing one but will
also reduce Schering-Plough's carbon dioxide emissions by 18 kilotons or
24 per cent.

Illustrating the point, Dr Patrick Gyselinck, vice-president for
Schering-Plough's global supply chain in Asia, said: "These figures become
more meaningful when one considers that a tree absorbs 1.2 tons of carbon
dioxide in its 70-year-long life. The annual emission reductions are
therefore equivalent to 15,000 trees."

It will also reduce other polluting emissions such as sulphur and nitrogen
oxide and other particulates, he added. These reductions will also open
the possibility for selling carbon credits in the carbon market, he said,
demonstrating how the investment in green technologies can reap economic

Built at a cost of $18 million, the project has received $1.32 million in
seed funding from the National Environment Agency's Innovation for
Environmental Sustainability Fund. The 9.2-megawatt Schering-Plough
facility is the second tri-generation plant here and joins Pfizer's
5-megawatt plant. Both will be completed by the end of this year.

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