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More people? Singapore is already bursting at the seams

Today Online 13 Feb 07
Letter from Lim Boon Hee

We are a nation of people who queue--from automated teller machines and banks to Housing Board walk-in and property sales.

Our public transport can barely cope with the existing populace and struggles to improve its frequency and reliability. Roads and highways are congested with too many vehicles despite increasing Electronic Road Pricing rates.

Queues at hospitals' accident and emergency departments, and to see specialists are chronically and unacceptably long.

And our resources for health, recreation, educational services and social spaces are already stretched to the limit with queues and congestion everywhere.

Yet, we still talk of increasing the population to 6.5 million. The social tensions from such cooped-up living conditions and limited resources can only result in more conflict, mental stress or even emigration, when Singaporeans feel they can no longer stand the claustrophobic conditions and competition from new immigrants.

Are we really prepared in all aspects for an exponential increase in people living on this tiny island?

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