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Johor floods: Tekong works not to blame

Straits Times 14 Feb 07
Letter from Errol Goodenough

MALAYSIANS who believe the floods in Kota Tinggi are a result of reclamation works on Pulau Tekong need to revisit their local geography.

Kota Tinggi town lies way up the Johor River, some 45km from Pulau Tekong. The very name (High Fort) suggests it is on elevated ground.

All the way downriver are numerous villages. None was inundated, although all are on lower terrain on the river bank.

Kampong Belungkor and the province of Pengarang, which lies directly opposite Pulau Tekong, were not affected either.

Surely these settlements would have been the first to flood if reclamation were to blame, especially as they lie at the mouth of the Johor River where water flow is significantly slower.

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