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7 March 2003
03:38 PM
Asia Pulse
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JAKARTA, March 7, Asia Pulse - Industry and Trade Minister Rini MS Soewandi has issued a regulation stopping exports of sea sand to Singapore until sea borders are put on the map between the two countries.

The export ban is effective as of February 28 when the regulation was issued, Foreign Trade Director General Sudar said yesterday.

Sudar said Indonesia and Singapore have yet to draw a border line separating their respective water territories.

A team controlling sea sand exploitation established on a presidential decree has also called for the ban of sea sand exports to prevent further damage to the environment.

A number of small isles were already reported to be submerged under the sea surface as a result of uncontrolled digging of sea sand.

Singapore has reportedly succeeded in expanding its land territory through reclamation of 120 square kilometers with sea sand from Riau islands, south of the city state.