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Slightly hazy conditions expected over next few days

By Joanne Leow, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 07 September 2006 1833 hrs

The National Environment Agency says slightly hazy conditions are expected in Singapore over the next few days due to the accumulation of smoke haze particles under light wind conditions.

Diffused smoke haze particles have been carried over to Singapore by the prevailing southeasterly winds across the South China Sea from the fires raging in the Indonesian province of Kalimantan.

These light winds will not be able to fully disperse the smoke haze particles brought over from fires in the region.

However, NEA says the air quality is not expected to go into the unhealthy range and it will continue to monitor the situation closely.

The 24-hour PSI at 4pm on Thursday was 60, in the "moderate" range. - CNA/ir